Romak agricultural products export terminal and logistics center

Our planet, with its diversity of climates and abundant products, with a population of over 8 billion people, is welcoming a new age, an age that requires ever-increasing vigilance and awareness of sustainable development and resource management. Our globalized world is suffering from environmental crises, potable water and food supply more than any other age. Today, due to the increasing population of the planet and the growth of food consumption, the global demand for access to enough food for at least the next 30 years is increasing.

Special services

In this field, most of the countries that own the most up-to-date technologies in the world have established relations with the logistics center and export terminal of Romak Gostar Pars agricultural products, and this company continuously benefits from the consultants of the largest logistics centers and international export terminals.

Romak’s goals

Preparation and marketing of agricultural products up to the capacity of 330,000 tons per year; Maintenance and storage of 90,000 tons of fruits, vegetables, red meat, chicken and other products; marketing and export of agricultural products; Creating and introducing the Iranian brand for agricultural products in global markets; Reforming the system of distribution and regulating the market of agricultural products…


Hard working, grueling work and a lot of hardship are the words that have been repeated many times in the activity of the agricultural sector, especially the horticultural sector, which represents the hard work of the rural community that produces quality products with great effort.

However, improper placement of products after harvest, uneven roads, improper packaging, improper distribution of products in the fields, non-standard markets are factors that cause farmers to lose their efforts.

The export of our country is low compared to the production, because the losses after harvesting the fruit…


The controversial issue of increasing waste of agricultural products is one of the serious challenges of most countries, especially developing countries. Every year, a large amount of crops and garden crops, which play an important role in providing food and human health, deteriorate in quality at various stages, especially after harvesting. So that the amount of this waste in third world countries is more than industrialized countries. Based on available statistics, on average 30% of these products are wasted in Iran.

Effective supply chain management is the key factor for creating and sustaining the competitive advantage of farmers’ products in the market.

What distinguishes the agricultural supply chain from other supply chains is the importance of factors such as food quality and safety and variables related to weather conditions. Accompanying logistics centers with greenhouses, farms and gardens will strengthen the supply chain of agricultural products.