Romak logistic, the largest product preparation terminal

Romak export terminal, first, select the areas that are prone to growing the crop,then monitor its holding, harvesting and sorting, in order to provide high quality product and horticultural products .

considered product, after harvesting enters the plant and depending on its type, washing and cooling measures are taken before entering the refrigerator.


Measuring the internal product quality

What is IQA?

A way to prevent errors and possible problems occurred during product delivery is quality assurance, and according to ISO 9000 certificate, a part of product quality management to quality assurance , is to meet the quality requirement of product.


Identify the packaging products

What is pollicino?

Romak has production units for all type of carton and plastic packaging. Pollicino system , is a modern and new system to safely identify and trance packaged products.


Fruit tissue strength recognition system

What is AFS?

Romak exort more than 15 types of fruits. Our purpose is to export products without tissue damage. AFS measures the fruit tissue strength recognition system without fruit tissue damage, internal situation and its situation strength.

What is cold chain?

During preparation, sorting and packaging processes of fruit, cool chain is one of the necessary cases to increase fruit shelf life. so that during the preparation process, the fruit is placed at a maximum temperate if 16C° .

With the decrease in temperature, all physiological and microbial processes will be at their minimum activity. on the other hand, using advanced machinery in the preparation process will reduce hand contact with fruits, which is effective in increasing the shelf life of fruit.

Our facilities for products preparation

In the preparation of products, measures such as sorting and packing products based on their weight are performed with advanced scanning devices.

These measures lead to the preparation of 364,000 tons of goods in one work shift.

Our facilities in the preparation of products

  • Automatic sorting, grading and packaging machine and system for citrus.
  • Complete sorting machine and system for stone and seeded products
  • Machine and system equipped for vegetable sorting, including tomato and bell pepper
  • 3D scanning and imaging device and system to measure product quality

What is our equipment for products preparation?

Romak Gostare Pars Company has several facilities for preparation and packaging halls, Painting halls, freezing tunnels, laboratories and other commercial unit services.

Our goal is trust.

What facilities are needed to product preparation?

Romak Gostare Pars Company, the largest agricultural product exporting terminal, has update and complete facilities to sort, package and prepare the products.

 Among the facilities for product preparation are as follows:

Internal Dock

Modern interior dock with an area of 800m2 (square meters) with heat control capability and 27 modern loading openings including sectional door and cooler dock


Including fruit weighting technology that accurately and quickly calculates fruit weight.

External dock

An external dock with an area of 1.6 hectares equipped with transportation system including truck, van and trailers


with capability to control the atmosphere to collect and distribute agricultural products.


A unique system for detecting environmental damage to citrus in order to ensure the health of packaged products.


A way to freeze products such as fruits, vegetables and also protein products quickly and separately.

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