Romak logistic the largest products marketing terminal

Romak Gostare Pars company, with the possibility of high tonnage storage in stylish package, allows us to have a permanent presence in the global market.


Customs office

Customs office

Customs office for the deployment of customs experts with the necessary facilities


Quarantine office

Quarantine office

Quarantine office is needed for the establishment of plant protection organization experts with facilities


Office of Standard Affairs

Office of Standard Affairs

The office of standard affairs is needed to establish a standard unit with facilities

Marketing and Economy

Although agricultural products play on important role in the national economy of the country, but according to published statistics, in many strategic products, production has declined.

One of the reason for the decline in agricultural production, is the neglect of product marketing which reduce the profitability of agricultural products and thus reduce the incentive of farmers to farm. Agricultural products marketing is one of the ways to accelerate the development of rural communities.

Our facilities in product marketing

Transportation affair office to handle matters related to the transportation of drivers.

Road bascule with a capacity of 60 tons with 4 bascules and internal weighing.

Establish an integrated transportation system according to international standard.

Our Proceeding in products marketing:

  • Marketing and exporting agricultural products.
  • Establish and introduce Iranian brand for agricultural products in global markets.
  • Reforming the distribution and regulation system of agricultural products market.
  • Preparing and marketing the agricultural products at the rate of 364000 tons in one shift.

How is Romak marketing done?

Romak export terminal, considering that “export is the missing link in the agricultural sector” and by evaluating the potential in this sector, has identified the target markets in neighboring countries.

Our goal is trust

What facilities are needed for product marketing?

Transportation system

Export and transportation are provided for Romak.

Trading auction room

Providing a computer system for fruit and vegetable auctions, including a local auction room and remote bidding facilities.


Online trading system that are identified as E-Trade platforms.

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