Romak Logistics, the largest product storage terminal

Romak Gostar Pars Agricultural Products Export Terminal Company has the ability to store food and perishable products.

These goods can include agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, ice cream, canned food, etc. The necessary conditions in cold stores are artificially and manually provided in terms of temperature, humidity, etc., which are necessary for food storage.


Determination of fruit tissue strength


Freezing products


Product pre-cooling

Our goal is trust.

Our actions in maintaining products

Having 57 ammonia cold rooms equipped with temperature, humidity and ethylene sensors, as well as misting system, Romak company carries out maintenance measures.

The conditions provided for storage warehouses in a scientific and practical way:

  • Having enough and suitable light using fluorescent lamps
  • Proper storage temperature using ventilation and cooling devices
  • Humidity control
  • Scientific control of distances between lines and arrangement of fruits and food

Our facilities for product storage

  • 57 halls are above zero and below zero and can withstand temperatures up to minus 40 degrees
  • Three freezing tunnel units with a capacity of 180 tons of freezing per day
  • Seven Precooling hall units
  • IQF hall
  • Eight units of atmospheric control hall C
  • Packaging design unit for all kinds of products
  • Office and laboratory of food quality control and plant quarantine
  • The facilities include the refrigeration system and the ammonia refrigerator equipped with German Bitzer ammonia compressors and operators and condensers and ammonia control valves.
  • 5 thousand cubic meters of water storage pool with desalination facilities
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing system
  • Ripening salon
  • DE greening hall

What are our environmental conditions for storing products?

Considering that the conditions of each fruit are different in terms of temperature, humidity and the production of ethylene and carbon dioxide gases during storage, to increase the storage time of each product, it is necessary to create different environmental conditions in the cold room. As a result, having different cold rooms It provides the possibility to store fruits in high tonnage and to store and store different fruits.

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