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Romak Gostar Pars agricultural products export terminal and logistics center, in order to prepare, maintain, market all kinds of agricultural products and facilitate export, in a land area of 31 hectares and with 78 thousand square meters of equipped halls for preparation, storage, Packaging, in 3 designed phases, the first phase of which has been put into operation with an annual capacity of 364 thousand tons of agricultural products.

The greatest in preparation

Greatest in maintenance

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Romak Co. Agricultural Products Logistic Center & Export Terminal

A complex that provides all the necessary facilities and equipment for the preparation, maintenance and marketing of agricultural products, modern distribution of agricultural products, facilitation and acceleration of exports.

The supply chain is a network of processes whose ultimate goal is to supply goods and services to customers and includes suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers who work together in a coordinated and consistent manner for customer satisfaction.

Supply chain management includes all the set of internal and external systematic activities of a company that organizes and directs all business processes within the supply chain in a codified manner and with a holistic view, and its goal is to optimize the processes with minimum costs and Maximum efficiency and more importantly creating partnership between farmers, manufacturers and retailers.

Supply chain

The supply chain can be thought of as a large developed company.

Romak products

The largest export terminal of agricultural products









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Construction and operation of modern and smart greenhouse projects using the hydroponic cultivation method are among our other services.

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